Do you judge people by how they dress, what size they are, their chosen path in life? As much as I hate to admit it, I do and I think most of us do also. The next question is, to what extent does our judging limit us whereby we could be loosing out on a new life experience, a new gift this person may have for us.

I am pretty intuitive and tend to get a sense when meeting people, whether we are going to click or not. Being nice and open, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get on with everyone. By all means, making an effort and being polite is the thing to do, but also be easy on yourself that you will not get on with everyone and that’s also ok but before you reach that decision, have you explored all the possibilities?

I met someone a few months ago whom I initially didn’t really take to and I think the feelings were mutual. Nothing in particular happened but there was a feeling between us, that we were too different and wouldn’t interact well. What could we possibly learn from each other? Since first meeting, we kept seeing each other at networking events over the next few months.

At the last event we both were at, by fluke we ended up being paired up. I will admit, I was a bit apprehensive but I let go of my preconceived ideas and played full-out. Our brief journey was empowering. I saw this person as a human being, with feelings, tragedies, celebrations, amazing talent and we really connected. We were both incredibly vulnerable and opened up our hearts to each other and championed and acknowledged each other, which gave the other person room to explore and evolve. I saw her for who she truly is and she saw things in me which I had hidden for a long time which make me complete and truly be me. It was a transformational powerful experience, one I will never forget. I felt enriched with life and purpose again and ready to take on new challenges.

If I had stayed in my judgmental box, I would have lost out on this wonderful gift I experienced and at a time when I was searching for something and she helped me find it. I saw her inner magic and her greatness, which was an incredible privilege. There is so much more to what we see. We are incredible beings, all of us, it can sometimes take time to get to know the person fully, to appreciate them, to see how having them in your life can add richness.

Have you ever met someone and thought instantly I like you, I will get to know you better or I don’t like you, we wont bond etc etc.

People amaze me all the time and I amaze myself how I can sometimes limit myself and life by judging. I promise to become more aware when I do judge and to let go and be open to what is truly there and be curious.

Can you think of a situation where you judged and potentially lost out on a gift. If so, can you go back and make amends? Or did you see your error and something gorgeous was created?

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