Are we born with a passion, a calling? Some will answer ‘yes’ to this question straight away but for the rest of us, is passion found by trial and error? By this I mean, by trying out lots of things, exploring what is possible, being curious about what fires you up, do we find our passion?

I ask this question, because if you are someone like me, who had the normal, usual upbringing, went to school but didn’t find something that they really wanted to do. I was more the ‘drifter’ type! Went where the wind took me, not really committed to anything or anyone and enjoyed just being free but at the same time never being fully present, always wondering what someone else was doing, what else was out there.

When it came to careers, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do and by 15 I had had enough of studying. Note to my children when they are older, this does not mean you can stop studying at 15!

So I started working in the administration field as it taught me and exposed me to a bit of everything. Soon after I discovered travelling and my job served my passion. This was fine in my 20s but once marriage and children came on the scene, jetting off every few months was not really an option. Stability and responsibility was the order of the day. After becoming a mum I realised that my job didn’t cut it for me any longer. I wanted flexibility initially but most importantly I wanted something that fulfilled me. Being a mum was very fulfilling, don’t get me wrong, but I also needed my own thing which made it even more powerful to find something I was truly passionate about. Plus those jobs which served my travelling passion once, were not really serving me any longer.

So I tried a few things out that I enjoyed doing, explored what my real interests were but nothing really hit home. Not enough to fully immerse myself in it. Until one day my husband suggested I go on the CTI fundamentals co-active coaching course. The course is only 2.5 days and who knows what I might discover. Initially I was so out of my comfort zone, my brain and body were overwhelmed. Once it all settled, I realised the full potential of this coaching thang and I signed up for the following courses to be a coach. The journey has been an incredible one, full of ups and downs, amazing self discovery, savouring moments and deep soul searching. I’m risk averse so I tend to dip my toe in anything new and slowly, slowly put my foot in, then my calf, then my whole leg….but once I was fully in the pool of coaching, it was wonderful. I had found one of my passions.  And much to my husband’s amazement, I was still up at 10 pm doing work, blogging, listening to teleclasses etc. I’m the kind of being, if there isn’t a party going on, I’m in bed by 9 pm, so this was a big turnaround for me!

I had stumbled upon something ultra cool that I could use not only in my work life, but also in my home life and all of my life.

When I talk about my passion, I light up, I get excited, life is full of possibilities.

I want everyone to find their passion, if I did, you can. And once you do, shout it out loud for the world to hear.

So tell me, us, what is your passion, how you found it and how is your  life with passion in it.

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