I am quite adverse to the words ‘time management’, it’s so corporate and what does it really mean? Can we really manage time? Can we control time? Ummm, i think not…what we can do is manage ourselves and how and where we spend our time.

I work with mums whereby one of their biggest challenge is lack of time. But when we devise structures to get more time, they don’t always know what to do with it. They might sit and watch tv or read a magazine. Now you might be reading this and think, isn’t it up to us what we do with our precious few spare minutes?? Of course it is and that is not what I am pointing to here. If that is what you truly want to do, then go for it. What I am talking about here, is that there are two steps to this. One is finding that precious time and the other is to explore what you want to do with it. What is burning inside of you that you really want to do but never had the time or thought you didn’t. What would nourish you to recharge the batteries, to put you in a better head space to take on your daily challenges. Allow yourself to dream a little…what are you passionate about, what brings a smile to your lips, what do you long to do….

Now look at your typical day, what does it look like? Is your to do list ridiculously long?

Do you find yourself saying yes to most things without asking yourself first what is the impact if I take this on? Does this have meaning for me? What will doing this give me?

When time is an issue and you find yourself saying yes a lot, next time, I invite you to try this out….

Every time you say Yes to something, you need to say no to something else you are already doing or from your to do list.

If we keep saying yes, very soon our basket will be full, then it will overflow and after that, things will start toppling over, and some will even go missing. Is this how you want to live? It needn’t be that way. With some planning and preparation work, you can manager you better, your day better, your life better. If you would like support getting this plan into action, connect with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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