I have been off for a while healing my spirit. After a good two years of challenges, good and bad, and as humans, we tend to focus on the bad, my mind, body and spirit went into overwhelm. I find it curious, as it’s one of my passions in supporting others when overwhelm kicks in, and I was the one in overwhelm needing support. Doing menial tasks was tough, let alone working on my business, raising a family, and connecting with loved ones. So I gave myself permission to slow down, even on some days stop, and be brutally honest with myself and tell the truth what was it that I needed in specific moments. AND most importantly to not feel guilty about it. This is where I was and that was ok.

You know the feeling when great things are happening in your life, but there is no joy there. You think you ‘should’ feel joy and try to make it up but it falls flat on it’s face. This is the land I was in when I received a letter telling me I had passed my coaching oral exam and I was a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC. This was huge. I had embarked on this journey two years ago and had worked all of last year really hard on getting my certification and finally, all the hard work had paid off. I was recognised. And yet, joy did not initially come.

Slowly, by allowing myself to be in such a place, I began to want to shift and on some days, I could feel a glimmer of hope and energy behind that hope.

I am still on my healing journey, unpacking my suitcase, awakening, observing and savouring. Part of this journey, is doing things which fulfil me and give me value like my bikram yoga, walks in the park with my music, journaling, meditating, coaching my wonderful clients, being vulnerable with loved ones and having the odd glass of wine 🙂

And also celebrating my CPCC which I did with a massive boom with my wonderful husband, Cuan Mulligan. As he would say, ‘the wheels came off that night’ and we regressed, in a good way, 10 years. It was delicious to let go and be completely indulgent. And I know there is more celebrations to come….so watch out!!

Even in the midst of despair and asking myself, will I ever climb out of this well, taking action, even when sometimes you might want to get back into bed, is a great thing. Taking action in talking to someone, whoever that may be, getting it out into the open is a great thing. Taking action and doing what you love, whether that’s through music, writing, movement, being in nature, all of these, is a great thing.

Connecting mind, body and spirit once again is giving me the fuel I need to move forward.

What helped me take action in writing this blog was a wonderful person who is becoming a wonderful friend, Barbara. Thank you.

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2 Responses to Healing the spirit, permission and taking action

  1. jason palmer says:

    you never know what tomorrow will bring 🙂

    • sonia says:

      Thank you Jason. True indeed, and a great reminder to open ourselves up to new experiences.