Sonia Calvo - Mums coachSerenity seeker- Structure Queen – Disco diva

Hi, I am Sonia Calvo, a certified professional coach and founder of Creating Serenity.

I believe in slowing down, looking around you, bringing awareness into you and being at choice. I love to savour time, from a special moment with friends, witnessing your children playing, dancing your socks off in a club to sitting at the sun gate in Macchu Picchu watching the sun rise.

My journey

Life can be very fast paced for many of us, and before we know it, we are 10 years into a job we might not really get a lot of fulfillment from, our children are starting school, your wish list of things to do before your 40 is no where near complete. Does this sound familiar? I was one of those people and felt something in life was missing. I kept doing lots of things, travelling, socializing, various jobs, hobbies, marriage, kids and still something was missing. It wasn’t until I stopped and took a step back and started to notice and look around, that I realized I hadn’t been at conscious choice. Circumstances had led me down a certain path. I needed to connect with who I was and what my core needs were. From this place, I was able to choose what I wanted to do, how I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, to have focus and clarity. This space also allowed me see how much richness I had in my life and to start to appreciate it my way and at my pace.

“Seeing people transform before my eyes and create the life they truly want to live, is amazingly rewarding”

My background

Before I trained to be a coach, I worked in administration, marketing, PR, across various industries which include law, non-for profit and management consultancy. While on maternity leave after having my first son, I supported and assisted my husband in the set up and running of his own company. Those that know me well, could say structure and time management are my core skills amongst many others.

As well as being a professional coach, a business woman, a wife, I am a mum of two young amazing boys, Antonio and Tiago who bring me incredible joy and help me see how wonderful it is to enjoy those special moments. In the all-important spare time I have created for myself, I love to read, practice Bikram yoga, dance and spend quality time connecting with my friends and family.

Qualifications and programs I am involved in

  • I trained with the leading co-active coaching company, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and I am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC).
  • I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach Training.
  • Advanced Neuroscience Coaching Training.
  • I participate in the Womens Program, a non profit program empowering women worldwide. These are women who are financially challenged and through this program, it brings coaching directly to them.
  • I am a mentor at the Aspire Foundation, working with amazing women who are making a significant difference in the work they do.

Want to work with me?  Or Find out more about how I work and how I can support you ? Call or email me to book your free, no obligation consultation. / 07786837648.