Monday morning, the start to the week and the kids sleep in after waking up over the weekend at 6.30 am. They are my alarm clock and I realize I can’t always rely to use them for this function!! So the morning started off a little bit intense, having less time to have a nice, relaxed breakfast, rushing the kids to get dressed, ensuring the packed lunch is done, leaving kitchen in a semi decent state, dropping off the kids at school and nursery respectively and on time. And then back home, to start my working day.

massageAlthough this monday morning I chose to see Liz, a remedial massage lady. Isn’t this how all our weeks should start once the kids are dropped off? Initially it felt a bit self indulgent, as it’s time when I should be working on my business. Although if my body is not functioning effectively, that will have an impact on other aspects of me, my business etc, so I decided to focus on me and my needs.

It was my first session with Liz and we needed to go through my medical history, past injuries etc. I don’t know about you, but my first response to these questions, unless something huge has happened to me, is ‘I am fine, no problems really’, and once we start talking, I realize how many ‘issues’ I have had with my ankles, knees, back, neck etc etc. So what I needed was a serious all over MOT and in reality as is in life, working on everything all at once, is not very effective. It is a matter of prioritising what needs to be looked at first, work on that and then move down the list, and only moving to the next issue after the previous issue is resolved or at least I’ve been given exercises to practice for my tight hamstrings.

I realise this is so true for many of us in our lives. We need to prioritise what’s next. We are juggling so many balls, be it work, family, relationships, housey stuff, a new project etc etc. And unless we start to prioritise and choose what we focus on and when, the opposite of getting things done can start to happen and overwhelm, anxiety can start to set it. Loss of focus and before you know weeks go by and not much gets done.

What is it you choose to prioritise over the next week? What does that look like? What do you need, if anything, to put in place to make that happen. From putting time slots in your diary for when and for how long you are doing an activity, to perhaps cancelling a meeting which doesn’t need to happen this week, asking for help, delegating a task etc.

When we choose what we are going to prioritise, we are in the driving seat and from that place, things start to happen. Ideas get created, our bodies start to function better, our relationships flourish, our work flows, we feel joy.

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3 Responses to What are you choosing to prioritise?

  1. sonia says:

    I believe we can create our luck Jason. Thanks for the link. Interesting reading

  2. jason palmer says:

    The key is to accept most things in life are a matter of luck and chill out.