Kerry, Fundraising Manager

Before I started coaching with Sonia, I was often feeling overwhelmed by my workload and at the same time, experiencing guilt about the amount of time I was spending with my family. I tended to focus very much on what I wasn’t achieving and suffered from low self-esteem. Sonia taught me to take another perspective. We looked at my values, what was important for me to have in my life and I learnt to look at my successes, celebrate them and see how I could replicate success in the future. I have learnt to be much less hard on myself and I have achieved a certain amount of inner peace. I have noticed I have a much more positive attitude towards everything I do, something which creates a great amount of energy. I was aware of this myself and my colleagues have remarked on it too. What I found incredibly appealing about Sonia is that she has a genuine interest in helping you reach your goals and such a thirst for personal growth herself. This is clear in her demeanour and obvious when she talks to you about the numerous books she devours on the subject! Sonia is very good at challenging you, in a completely sensitive way. I felt incredibly safe talking to her, which encouraged me to be honest, open and vulnerable.

Julie, Buyer

Before working with Sonia, I was struggling to communicate effectively and to stay calm, always feeling like I was under attack at work. I felt very isolated. I am in a very different place now, and one of the things i’ve learnt is to try and view things from another persons perspective. The same stresses of life are still there and I now deal with them much better. I spend time focusing on my family life and health which demonstrates how much things have improved. I believe and practice, I do have the power to fundamentally change my life.

Beverley, Director

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Sonia for the last six months. I have benefitted from her sensitivity, insights and experience when dealing with work-related scenarios. Sonia is a natural and perceptive coach and I have enjoyed working with her. She has raised my awareness and enabled me to interact more effectively with my colleagues and to achieve a better balance and understanding in a demanding and high-pressured work environment. It has been a pleasure talking to Sonia on a regular basis and I truly value her expertise and positivity.

Joanne, Manager and Trustee

I met with Sonia once a month over a 6-7 month period. At the beginning I really did not know what to expect, however over the months not only did my trust grow with Sonia but I started to realise how valuable the time was to growing my awareness through each session. Sonia helped give me the courage and the tools to make real changes in my life that have helped me find a better balance and surprisingly more energy than I had before.

Andy, Graphic Designer

I was drowning in the  sheer quantity of work that I had on and was unable to break out of the stressful environment in which I had placed myself in. Sonia was invaluable in helping me work through and develop a strategy to move forward.  She enabled me to fully focus on what had to change and helped me through that process of that change. What I loved was that she constantly challenged and pushed me to go further in the process than I thought possible, helping me understand where I had been, where I was moving to and looking forward to where I was going to end up.

Julie, Independent Media Production Professional

Before working with Sonia, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with recurring patterns in my life that I didn’t feel in control of. Sonia created a safe environment where I could talk about it without being judged and most importantly she gave me tools that worked for me to stop the negative patterns from happening as much as they used to. The impact has been that my confidence has grown, I can now stand up for myself in an effective manner and have the ability and awareness to look at things from the other persons perspective.


Sonia helped me come home.  Over the years pieces get lost or become diluted and with Sonia’s unwavering support and guidance I was able to come back to who I really was.  In a sense she saved my life, as I was at a crossroads and could easily have left my life sit stagnant.  What a shame that would have been as the journey has been incredible and it was only possible because through the process I was inspired, felt accepted, certainly never judged and was supported and cared for throughout.  Shortly after my first session with Sonia I commented to someone, it was like having your own cheering section or the world’s most perfect mother.  My life opened up to endless possibility and I will forever be grateful to Sonia for being my guide and companion.  I wasn’t sure life coaching was something I would get benefit out of, but now that I’ve had the experience, I would recommend Sonia to anyone looking to live their authentic life.

Wendy, Coach

Coaching another Coach can be tough. You think you know what to expect and what’s expected of you. All of that goes out of the window with Sonia. I saw her simply as Sonia. Someone who knew how to get the best out of me, and be there with me at my worst. She’s challenging, warm, funny, sensitive to peoples feelings and has a huge heart. She knows how to meet you halfway. Together we moved mountains and my life has become so much clearer. And as a Coach? She’s the best.

Lydia, writer and editor

Sonia’s resourcefulness knows no bounds; she is able to both develop practical solutions to effective time management and offer invaluable guidance in areas of personal development. Her expertise in enabling the relinquishing of bad habits and replacing them with positive, supportive structures is exceptional, and her insightful analysis and her positive and kind approach is non-judgmental at all times. I cannot recommend her life coaching skills highly enough.

Michelle, entrepreneur

Having had two children very close together and setting up a business at the same time, I knew I had my work cut out. Sonia has taken me on a journey bringing peace and calm back into my life. She has the amazing skill of intuition, that coupled with her patient and friendly manner makes her very easy to open up to. If like me, you struggle to find time/space, spinning many plates at once, I would highly recommend you talk to Sonia. Whether it’s looking at things from a different perspective, talking it out or learning new techniques to help you in everyday situations, Creating Serenity does just that!

Elisabeth, business owner

The thing I appreciated most about Sonia as a coach was her focus and how she guided me to mind my own pathway to move forward. I came in with the feeling there was too much to do and never enough time – but came out with the calm knowing that it will only look that way if I view it as a problem. Sonia was very good in letting me discover other ways of perceiving the ‘problem’, leading me to realize that there are actually a multitude of ways I could choose to view this situation. If you know you have it in you to do what you want – but right now feel so ‘crowded’ that it’s hard to see past the hurdles – then I warmly recommend Sonia to coach you back to your power.


Sonia is a good listener & easy to talk to. She will always make you feel comfortable & guide you through each session. Each session is always different & you always feel your left with a little bit of magic . Sonia will take you on a journey & help you to find the real you, waiting to pop out and live life to the full. I would always look forward to our sessions & be thinking what’s going to happen next. She will give you the tools that you can use to carry you forward, No topic is ever to big or small for Sonia. I would definitely recommend Sonia to anyone who wants to take their life into a positive direction. ENJOY your magical journey with Sonia .

Liselotte, business owner, team leader

One of the reasons I started working with Sonia, was that I found it difficult to manage all I needed to do in the day. There were many things to sort out and not enough time to do it! I also didn’t appreciate myself enough and give myself credit for what I DID do! Sonia’s friendly, down to earth approach, combined with her strength to keep me focused and on track has supported me so I am now managing my time better, I am more focused, I don’t feel so overwhelmed or stressed. I feel more confident in what I do – and know that I do it well. I am also so much better at giving myself some more time for ME. I would definitely recommend Sonia.

Nancy, Executive Coach

Sonia is a wonderful coach to work with. She has helped me to understand myself better and to feel more confident about my own coaching. She is a perfect balance of extreme warmth and great challenge. I could not recommend her more highly.

Mother of 2 kids

When I first met Sonia, she struck me with her intuition.  She had this ability to see clearly through me. During our coaching relationship, she helped me increase my self awareness and my self confidence. As a result, I have transformed my relationship with my 3-year old daughter, moving from tantrums and stress to deeper connections and harmony. I now feel more alive inside and act more easily on the things that bother me.

Hayley, mum, Business owner

I was very frustrated before I came to coaching, friends gave me their advice on what they did with their kids. But as I now know, they are all individual and I had to find out what works for my son and for me. I now am making a conscious effort to put all the new tools I have learnt into practise and I enjoy being around my boys more than ever before. I always felt in my sessions with Sonia that no matter what I said, I never felt judged. The opposite actually, I felt very supported. Thank you for the lovely energy you shared with me and for constantly reminding me that I am becoming the mum I want to be.

Liz J, Business Coach

Sonia has that rare mix of making you feel comfortable through a warm connection whilst at the same time holding you accountable to the most daunting of commitments. No-one was more surprised than me to find myself at boot camp on a freezing cold January 2nd (-2 degrees!!) after a year of procrastination and whinging about not getting any exercise. One session with Sonia on the topic and I’ve not looked back. She also truly dances in the moment and took every topic I threw at her in her stride. A versatile and warm coach.

Jo M

After just one session with Sonia I already feel I’ve learnt a lot about my motivations and ambitions. Sonia’s way of drawing out the feelings behind my actions made me really think about exactly what it was that I wanted, and made me challenge myself – which is always a good thing. I was particularly interested in the way Sonia asked me to describe exactly what my ideal work situation would look like, and guess what? The very next day I had a job offer that was exactly as I’d described!

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