Savouring the moment, being fully present, experiencing the yummyness of this unique occasion, being grateful.

Last weekend I had the thrilling pleasure of going to see a Real Madrid game at the Bernabeu with my family. My dad has always been a massive fan and I grew up surrounded with Real Madrid excitement and becoming a fan myself. This trip was very special, not only because it was the first time I had seen a match there, but because my dad is poorly and it was something we wanted to experience together and cherish as a family.

Walking into the stadium and seeing the pitch which shone with freshness, the green so vibrant and alive as if it had just been plugged in, was truly awesome. Looking around the stadium, partially empty as we were early, let you understand the magnificence of it. There’s something for me about places, landmarks where there’s not many people, that gives me space to breath, almost as if time has stopped. So I made the most of this energy as soon after the stadium started filling up.

As our reason for being there was not purely for seeing the match, it was filled with emotion and love. Will we ever experience this again? Such a precious moment, how can I do it justice? and then understanding, there is no right or wrong here, it is about being fully present to the experience.

Sitting there I felt happy, happiness was around me, the world at this very moment in time was perfect. Seeing Real Madrid win the game, having my dad sitting beside me with a massive smile, spending quality time together. I felt truly blessed.

I have learnt there’s gratitude and appreciation if we allow ourselves to look for it in all situations. I am truly grateful for this experience and shall cherish it for ever.

Has life thrown you a curve ball which is tough to be with? I invite you to give yourself the space and ask, what can I appreciate about this situation? What else has it given me? From this perspective, what opens up for me?

I would love for you to share your stories of how you appreciate difficult, annoying, stressful situations. Leave a comment below. And if you are finding it difficult to appreciate and would like to, give me a call and we can go through some quick, simple steps to turn on your Appreciator!

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