I recently received a tax rebate, yay! Yep, it’s that time of year and I get so happy when I receive unexpected money like that, I started wondering what I could do with this money and off in my dreams I went. It’s such a yummy place to be in. And then I had another thought, this is my money anyway, I am only receiving it now because someone along the way cocked up and I was paying too much tax in the first place. Now while both statements, thoughts are true, which one is serving me better? Nothing has changed, but how I view the situation, the perspective I choose to sit in, is my choice. We are always at choice, it is a matter of seeing situations through a different lens or even various lenses and choosing the lens that will support us better.

When WE  choose, we get to regain our power, our control.  What is possible when you are in control?

Do you feel stuck in a place which is not good for you and you wish you could feel differently about a certain issue, or think about the issue in another way. A playful exercise you can do is using your camera.

Look through your lens, what do you see? Explore the scene in front of you, make up a story about it, and notice what thoughts, emotions come up for you. From the place you are in now, look at the situation you wish to shift out of. Has anything changed? How are you feeling about it now? Look again through your lens putting your focus on something different, move around if it will help and once again, explore what you are seeing, what emotions are you feeling, and from this new place, look at your situation. What is different, has anything shifted for you? Do this a couple more times and allow yourself to explore your situation through various lenses. Then give yourself permission and choose the focus that serves you best. Fully stepping into the experience, the emotion and from this place, look at your situation and notice what shifts there have been. How does this new perspective better serve you?

You have given yourself the choice how to be with an issue, a challenge and gained your control back.

I appreciate this may not be easy. When we are stuck, emotional, fearful, standing in different perspectives can be tough, even when deep down we know our current perspective is not very helpful, even draining and negative. Try the exercise above, just try it, and have fun with it. How can you get creative while doing it? Is it going out in nature with your camera, is it observing the kids playing, could it be looking at one object and you physically move around it, seeing it from different angles. What comes up for you when you do that?

Top tip – use movement. When we physically move, we also shift our energy, which in turn shifts our thoughts, our emotions.

I would love to hear from you, if you try this out, and how it went. And if you have any tips on what works for you, when you need to change perspective, please share.


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2 Responses to Choose which lens to look through

  1. Michelle Beaumont says:

    A great angle to view life from. Excellent blog Sonia x