It has been a year since Creating Serenity was born. Yay, celebrations!! At the time I was seeking some much needed head space, time for me, slow down, time for reflection and the ability to acknowledge how far I had come. The name spoke and speaks to me all the time.

Once I recognised and acknowledged I needed me time and what that looked like, I put in place just that. Meditation, daily connection exercises to center me, music, yoga, nights out etc.

While all that was great and it gave me a release, an outlet, an action thing to do, the biggest impact I have noticed has been my mindshift. How my mind has changed it’s behaviour and strives for what I want and gives me what I need. This has taken time, practice, perseverance and commitment and I am learning all the time and reaping the benefits.

What I am trying to get across is all the doing things are really important, but without the mental, physical and spiritual alignment it’s just another doing thing and it can be short lived. Being fully present to what you are doing, bringing awareness into you and what is going on around you, supports you in appreciating where you are and also where you want to move forward to. Having such awareness supports you when life gets that little bit too much and you need time to stop but in reality time wont stop. Instead, I invite you to enter into a place where there is space, freedom, breath and fully step into it. If you keep doing this, over time you can create patterns that serve you better.

What I have realised is all the work I have been doing for over a year, and sometimes to be honest wondering if it was really working, what was the real benefit, I know now. I am, most of the time, in a much healthier head space and things don’t impact me as much or at least I am in control and at choice of how they affect me and how I choose to respond.

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