When i look back over the past year, it has been an incredible journey. If someone had told me I would have my own coaching business and clients I would not have believed them. Why? Well because I had previously struggled with a lack of confidence, self believe and direction. Out of something dark, i found my passion.

My journey began with the birth of my first son. In one word, I struggled. Connection is one of my values and being on my own with a baby, sent me down a dark road. I felt disconnected from myself, family, friends and society. I couldn’t wait to get back to my office job as a legal secretary and be me again and hang out with my friends. When baby number two came along a whole set of new challenges and struggles came with it and I was back in the dark hole. Being a mum to two young boys was very overwhelming and i felt i was on a very fast train, watching life go by and i couldn’t take control or get off. I also knew i desperately wanted to fully experience and appreciate being a mum and enjoy this incredible journey I was on. Becoming aware of my needs and wants was a tremendous step and from there a new world opened up to me. As the end of my maternity leave was fast approaching, i realised i didn’t want to go back to my office job and be away from my boys 10 hours a day. So I started looking into what I could do from home, where I would have something for me but also have more free time with my amazing boys.

I didn’t get very far…I was going about this the wrong way…i was being guided by my head and not my heart. Something I found of paramount importance is to find out first what your passionate about, what creates sparks in you, what do you love doing, what do you value in life, in yourself and in others. Once I knew what it was i was passionate about, i had the courage to go for it. I wont lie to you, having your own business and kids, is tough. But don’t let the fear be bigger than the dream. If your doing something that fulfils you, puts a smile on your face, you will find the energy and drive and do it. Our number one asset is our state of mind. Always have your goal in mind, and just think the disservice you will be doing in the world if you didn’t push through with your passion, with your dream. Once you know your passion, identify who is it you want to support. Identifying that group is a great way to find out what their needs are and where they hang out, so you can go to them and let them know you are there for them. Talking to others about your passion is infectious and will bring people to you.

An extra bonus for me was that I had someone to listen to me, guide me and support me. The support was completely impartial. To have someone in my corner, championing me and not letting me forget why I was doing all this.

I suffer from overwhelm very easily, the idea of going from nothing to having a website, sourcing clients was too much. What worked for me was to break down every action and then break that down even further. Baby steps. Focus on what needs to happen right now. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Someone once told me from our huge to do lists, define your top three every morning and do only those top 3 that day. Nothing more, nothing else. And the first one at the top of the list should be the hardest ‘to do’, as once that one is completed, you know you’ve done the hardest bit of the day and the rest will be easier. Trust me, this really works.

A tool I found very powerful is having a daily ritual. For me its meditating . A time for me to connect with me, time for some head space, where you get to breath. What is your daily ritual? What does it look like? What is going to fuel you to make your journey?

I also listened to teleseminars of people in my line of business. The majority of these teleseminars are free and are incredibly powerful. Hearing of other women that set up their own business gave me the strength to push through with my passion. Connecting with other women out there in the same boat as you is incredibly refreshing. And guess what….you don’t have to do it on your own. There are many of us to support you along the way. Ask for help, ask for advice, people love to feel wanted and needed.

Some self talk in the good sense, always helps. Make a list of times when you were supported, make a list when you were scared to do something and did it anyway and achieved it. When you are in doubt, go to those lists.

The end result? I have my coaching business, i have clients, i have my website and i get to spend more time with my boys and i loved every moment of my journey and I know this is just the beginning…

Follow your passion, follow your heart, whatever you do, do it with intent and remember your not alone.

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