Now whose been there…come on own up??

Well it happened to me a few months ago and once upon a time I would have panicked and become all anxious. But instead I became a creative, resourceful mum.

I got off at the next station, all the while asking my son to try to hold it, yeah right! and went in search of a toilet but couldn’t find any so came up with an alternative…I found a quiet corner on the platform, I had a water bottle in my bag and once I’d drank the contents (of the water!), I got my son to pee in the bottle 🙂

Now I realise this might only work with boys but once my son finished, I put the cap back on the bottle, put the bottle in my bag and we got on the next train and off home we went. For those that are wondering, the contents were disposed off down the toilet once home and the bottle was put in the bin!

Being a mum brings up all sorts of challenges we never thought we would need to deal with. It makes the experience so enriching and character building!!

If you have any stories about being a creative, resourceful mum, I would love to hear from you. Please reply to this post with your story.

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