Where do you go when you want some peace, when you need some head space? And I don’t mean, where you go in your head, but where do you physically go to?

I go to Bikram yoga.

The first step is to create some time for you and then what to do with that precious time?

Birkam yoga was something I had done and loved before pregnancy, and then motherhood took over and it got pushed way down the line of ‘things I want to do’. Does this sound familiar?

After my second son, i truly craved some ‘me’ time and what I could do with that time that would truly feed my needs to connect with me again. The answer was simple. For me it was Bikram yoga. For you it might be something else. What is that? What gives you the space to connect with yourself, find your inner being, feel peace?

Or perhaps, you haven’t found it yet. How would it feel to find it? What would it give you?

Taking on challenges from a place of peace and calm, when you are grounded is very empowering.

I would love to hear from you and where YOU go. And if you don’t go anywhere, maybe someone’s place can inspire¬† you!

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