Life is certainly about balance, the ying and the yang and when it comes to being a mum, if we could just get the balance right between being a mum and everything else we have to do, want to do, we would unlock a great treasure.

I believe being a mum is amazing and magical. It’s like being wrapped up in a big blanket and given a huge hug.  The love, fun and laughter you get from your children, is truly magical. But with this there are also the practical bits that come with being a mum.

For those mums-to-be and mums that are struggling with their new ‘identity’, well….mums-to-be you are going to have a baby,  and mums, you have had your babies. Now let’s make the best of what we have!

The practical side of motherhood isn’t always enticing… whether your baby is not sleeping through the night and you desperately need some shut eye, your baby refuses to take the bottle and you want to have a night off with your friends, your baby will not eat his food and your beside yourself that he will get ill from lack of nutrients, i’ve been there and it’s scary! But I also know, it has passed and does make us stronger…somehow!

Whatever phase you are in, it will pass, hold onto that believe, really hold onto it. I am a true believer in living in the now and taking on challenges from a positive perspective. When things are hard, go to your happy place and if you don’t have one, go and search for it. A time when you were truly happy, were loved, felt safe, you were having lots of fun. Who were you with? Where were you? What smells can you remember? Now lock in that feeling and hold onto it. When things get too practical, go to your happy place and I promise you, whatever challenges that day will bring, you will deal with them from a much better place and be able to see the magic that you have around you.


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