Since coming home from my mad partying weekend in Barcelona a couple of weekends ago, procrastination has set in. I feel like a teenager rebelling. I have not been working through my tasks, not assigning dates and times to them, ignoring my ‘duties’….all the stuff that sets me up for the day, the week, the strategies that support me to get things done and feel good about them and me.

I am in the space of ‘I have to” and ‘force myself to’ which is not helping me at all and somewhere in my brain, my awareness is waking up and flashing red at the mounting tasks. I guess I am rebelling against myself and wanting to not always be so structured, such a good girl and ‘on it!’.  And give myself permission to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ every so often. Do you know what I mean?? Sometimes it’s refreshing to react and not always respond, awaken another part of us, be with the adrenaline and let that fuel us.

And while I love that rebellious side and sometimes we need to let it out, I also recognise it’s not very business savvy and will probably bring even bigger challenges which I really don’t want to deal with. So what instead is a healthy balance?

Perhaps using language such as ‘force myself’ and ‘have to’ is not very conducive to getting back on track and getting things done. What do you think? What language do you use when you’re in this space? What other language would be more benefiting and supportive? How about having an end goal, a reason, a treat for why you are structuring your day. What if it wasn’t all about structure, what would that look like for you? How about part of the time is structured and part is free flow…

I structure my day so I create free time to do the stuff I love

I structure my Wednesdays and Thursdays so I can do whatever I like on Tuesdays and Fridays

I structure my day so I can finish work early on Thursdays and have a coffee with a friend

This simple realisation has given me freedom and permission to create structure without the need to have it take over. It’s not all one way, there are many variations and it’s about finding what works for us as individuals.

I am looking for people to interview who are overwhelmed by how much ‘stuff’ they have going on in life. These people are constantly chasing their tales, running around like headless chickens, burning out. Do you know anyone like this? If so, I would love to talk to them for research purposes and as a thank you I am giving away, a ‘tips on structuring your day’ sheet and 30 minutes with me to put action plans into place. e-mail me

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