Very recently I felt like I had flatlined. Nothing interested me, I struggled to get excited, it all seemed like a chore. All I wanted to do when I dropped off the kids was sit on the sofa and do nothing. It was very tempting. Come in from the cold, take off my coat and just sit on the comfy brown leather sofa. Who would know?

I wondered whether was this all there was to life?? Was this the choice I had made, had I been mad??

I felt like I was in a dry barren desert. Dust all around me. When I looked out, I could see an oasis in the far, far distance, and it would be such a struggle to get there. I didn’t have the strength to do it. I could imagine the path and it was heavy and messy.

After some soul searching, someone very clever asked me why didn’t I take another path to my oasis.  A path that was easier, that I get to create how it looked like and what this new path would give me.

And you know what I created as my new path….a Las Vegas strip! Crazy I know and a place I’ve never been but I imagined myself walking through it with its bright shiny lights, big billboards, people were happy and indulged in whatever they wanted, no judgements made, a place bursting with fun.

Creating this path and walking through it, helped me see what was missing from my life. What I need to function, to refuel, to be well. And that was fun, movement and connection with others! Doing stuff that made me feel good, that centered me, that made me whole again. And give myself full permission to do it. Making it a priority over the mundane everyday stuff going on.

We can forget to look after No. 1 and what No.1 needs. It’s so simple and yet can have such a major impact when we loose sight of it or make it non important.

If your feeling stuck, in a rut, a bit rubbish, go and create your path.

What does your path look like? Any surprises come up for you? From creating your path and walking through it, what do you need to introduce into your life right now?

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4 Responses to Get out of being stuck, create your unique path

  1. jason palmer says:

    how to be idle by tom hodgkinson is a great book 🙂

  2. Elinor says:

    Sonia I’m so glad to hear it’s not just me that gives in to the lure of the sofa occasionally or even frequently at times! The downside of being a solopreneur is that we can often be lonely. Loving that you are rocking again, to a Las Vegas theme no less! When the sofa beckons I sometimes just give in and indulge in a book or DVD but know that it’s connection with others that will get me into action again. x

    • sonia says:

      Hi Elinor, thanks so much for your thoughts and your clarity around knowing connection with others is your fuel. I look forward to catching up in person in 2013! xx