Let me tell you a story…it happened over two years ago but it was so powerful, it felt like yesterday.

My sons were 2 years of age and 9 months old respectively and I was in a very dark place. Life was pretty tough and I wasn’t enjoying it. I was in a complete rabbit hole, tunnel vision, call it what you like, but it wasn’t a happy place.

Overwhelmed with being a mum to two young boys and working took its toll. I had no time for me, no head space and was on auto pilot just to get through the day. When I finally broke down and looked into what was really going,  it came down to a very simple thing…I needed to buy two more bottles….

I had stopped breastfeeding by then, and my 9 month old was on bottles and he was a guzzler and had many feeds throughout the day.  What overwhelmed me was the fact I only had four bottles and I felt I was constantly cleaning and steaming them and was going round in circles until someone suggested I buy more bottles to make my life that little bit easier. Now why didn’t I think of that?

When we are in that deep, dark place, it’s very hard to see a way out. It takes someone else who will listen to us, feel our pain and offer a fresh perspective and some very valuable tips. They can be the simplest of things but we can’t see them from where we are.

I know it sounds simple, but buying those two bottles saved me.

Can you relate to my story? I would love to hear what worked for you to get you out of that dark place. Or you may be in that dark place now and need to be listened to and offered a new perspective.

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