I was asked the other day on a coaching session, where did I feature on my to-do list and I couldn’t find Me. Me is not something I considered putting on my to-do list. How crazy is that! And then my coach challenged me to put ME at the very top…yikes!

We get so bogged down in how much we have to do, the list is endless. All the action things we have to do, we forget about us, the one that needs to do them all. Who do we need to be in order to get everything done and what do we want for ourselves?

When it’s all about have to, should do and must do, it can become a chore. The fun can be taken out of life when we are just going from one thing to the next. How indulgent would it be to put ME at the top of my list and not just put me at the top but also dream, wonder and put into action what I want to do, what has meaning for me, what gives me purpose, energy, drive.

I realise there are certain things we have to do, should do and must do but let’s not make it all about that. Let’s add in some other stuff which is just for you.

Nourishing our soul is where it all starts. From the inside out. There is no point running on empty, eventually you hit the wall and you will be very sore. By putting YOU at the top of your to do list with your other tasks, what are the possibilities from this place?

I re-wrote my to do list and added me at the top and what is was about ME that was important. This is what came out:

meditation, connection to music, bikram yoga, a yummy massage, fun times out with family and friends, letting go of responsibility if only for an evening and go wild!!! and the list keeps growing.

Guess what…I am doing all these, some daily, some weekly, some when the moment arises. It’s not so much about having to do these things all the time, but knowing these things keep me on an even keel, in a healthy head space and fuel me for what is happening right now and also for the life ahead of me.

I would like to challenge my readers, that’s YOU to put You at the top of your to do list and take a moment to think what you need, want and desire. Write that down. If you are doing some of it, all of it, high five to you, keep going and consider what’s next.  If not, write down your goals for when you want to do it and be realistic with your time but also ensure You stay priority. And let me know how you get on,  what comes up for you, I would love to hear from you.

As a mums coach I find my clients forget about them and their needs and the outcome can sometimes be ugly. It needn’t be that way. Awareness is the first step and then making choice and taking action. If you would love to do this but doing it alone seems too overwhelming, give me a call, drop me a line. I will love to support you in designing your path.

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