Due to very sad news in our family last week, the run up to xmas, preparations, getting ready for the holidays went out the window. Clients got canceled, xmas shopping was stopped, the kids were delegated to my parents, new business leads were put on hold. After a few days, I returned home, to the kids and to work. Glad I was back although in a haze.

I first gave myself some breathing space and created an environment in which I could be in. For me that meant sprucing up the front room, making the tree look pretty, tidying up, so I could relax with my boys and clear my head. I’m a tidy freak and need things in their place to function effectively! What’s your freaky side?

My next step was to focus on what the week ahead was going to look like. What needed to be done v what could wait v what could be delegated v what could be thrown out the window into the abyss.

So instead of getting stressed, my focus was to replan, reorganise all the while being gentle with myself.

It sounds simple and yes it can be. Setting daily intentions and daily actions. And stopping before you hit the wall. Knowing when you’ve done enough for the day, so you can stop and recharge for tomorrow.

It’s now nearing the end of the week and I am looking forward to spending some family time while knowing the business side of things are in hand. They will get done in the new year!

What needs to be done today so you can down tools for a few days? What permission do you need to give yourself to enjoy next week? What intentions do you wish to set?

Wishing you all a happy time over the festive season.

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