I have done it!! I have taken a leap of faith, taken the plunge and am embarking on being a solopreneur And being a more hands on mum.

Yay, celebrations!!

Finally the balance I have been longing for, my own business from home and being around more for my children is happening! I can’t quite believe it and am pinching myself.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in this superb position where I am building a business with passion, a business that can grow organically with me, a business I create that speaks to me. And while I am under no illusion it’s going to be a walk in the park, I am up for the challenge.

I have known this is the right decision for me and my family for a long time. I turned to the inner me for much needed guidance and listened. And what I heard and felt, was peace and serenity. It is a wonderful space to be in and I have bathed in it. The more I talked about leaving the safety of my 9-5 job, a job I have been doing for almost 9 years, and concentrate my efforts on what I love doing, calmness washes over me and it feels right.

I believe in listening to your body. Our bodies have the answers we are seeking, we just need to stop and listen. Become aware what is happening to us when a certain situation arises. Are we smiling, frowning, is our belly constricted, our shoulders tight, do we feel grounded, steady, how is our breathing? Getting curious about your body, describing your emotions, feelings, the believes you hold from this place, will allow you into your own kingdom of insight.

So, from September I will be working from home and having the wonderful opportunity to take my boys to their respective school/nursery and pick them up mid afternoon to enjoy the rest of the day with them. I envisage a different set of challenges over the horizon but as I write that, I have a big smile on my face.

Are you considering a big move, a change in your life and are unsure what the next steps are or how you really feel about it all? I would love to hear from you and be able to support you in creating those steps, from a place of truth and knowledge.

If you have a story to tell of a big move you have made, or are about to, please share what has supported you through it and any tips you may have.

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2 Responses to Taking the plunge – going solo

  1. Elinor says:

    Yay – fantastic news Sonia. I love that you reminded us how important it is to listen to our bodies. Working for yourself is wonderful and at the same time it is hard to switch off. Having become ill recently I am being gentle with myself as I recover and try not to do too much too soon. So thank you for the reminder to listen to my body – it’s helping me ignore the chatter in my head! Wishing you all the very best of luck gorgeous lady in your next steps – can’t wait to share the journey. x

    • sonia says:

      Thank you Elinor. Yep, ignore the chatter and listen to what your gorgeous body is saying to you. I also can’t wait to share my journey with you and our journeys together. Take lots of care xx