It’s easy to blame others when things don’t go your way or even blame yourself. That voice inside you, telling you it’s all your fault, how could you be that stupid, don’t try that again.

Have you noticed how blaming takes the power away and not in a good way. Where does it get you? Are you moving forward? Does it make you feel good about yourself?

I invite you instead to empower yourself and others with gratitude and forgiveness. What can I be grateful for here? What happens when I forgive?

The power is in creating a happy, nourishing space and letting go of what you don’t want. Changing your language from, I am annoyed, to, I forgive and move on. When we work through our challenges, shrug them off, we open up the space for all the good stuff to happen. Imagine someone doing something that has really annoyed you, or someone hasn’t done that one thing you asked of them and it has upset you. How do you want to be with it? Being in the space of anger, frustration or annoyance does not really serve us. Instead, step into this feeling for a moment and when you are in it, notice it and then step out by a shrug of your shoulders. Just shrug it off, and again and again, just shrug it off. Give yourself permission to forgive and move on.

It’s usually the small things that annoy us, and carrying this round can be very draining and spiral into other things. What happens when you are grateful instead and celebrate the things that have gone well. Celebrate choice and who and how you want to be.

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